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Email Only

Includes only email consultations with your attorney.

Email + Phone

Unlimited emails and 1 hour of phone consultation with your attorney.

Email + Phone Plus

Unlimited emails and 3 hours of phone consultation.

Email + Phone + Negotation Package

Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf.
What is Included

Comprehensive Contract Review

  • Available in all 50 US states
  • Line-by-line review of initial contract
  • Attorney comments and insight
  • Available in English

Contract Analysis

  • Benefits Analysis between your contract and other contracts in your geographic region.
  • Compensation Analysis of your contract with comparable compensation packages in your area.

Negotiation Strategy

Your attorney will guide you on how to negotiate more favorable terms for your contract and gain insight on how to best structure your requests.

Multi-Draft Review

  • Three hours of dedicated phone conference time with your board certified health law attorney.
  • Comprehensive line by line review of every contract draft from a single employer.
  • You attorney will work with you from the time you receive the initial draft all the way through execution of the final draft.

Negotiation on your behalf

Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf directly with the other party or party’s attorney to ensure the best contract terms.